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    Healthcare facilities (medical, individual and group practices) trust us to store and manage their confidential charts and medical records. Our file storage and retrieval system ensures patient information remains secure, private and immediately available. Medical facilites store charts, client files, logbooks, financial data and personnel files at our secure facility. Our storage program for medical facilities typically reduces on-site file storage costs by 70%-85%, self-storage costs by 50%-70% and significantly lowers labor and administrative expenses.

    Our file indexing system is widely used by medical facilities to accurately document retrieval and delivery of each patient record. Upon retrieval, each client chart is given a unique barcode number which allows us to track the retrieval history of each file. Clients will immediately know at all times where every file/chart is located. No need to spend hours searching through boxes trying to find a chart.

    Our interfiling method assists clients with the process of filing additional documents into existing medical files in storage. The service alleviates clients with the backlog of loose documents needed to be filed into existing patient records.

    Our delivery options are flexible. Receive medical records or charts via courier, fax, or mail. Medical files can be delivered same day or next day.

    We will shred, upon written authorization, medical records which nolonger need to be retained. Certificates of Destruction will be issued.

    We can help your medical facility comply with the necessary HIPAA requirement.

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    This 1996 law and the accompanying 2002 regulation known as the Privacy Rule restrict how health care providers may handle and disclose patient health information. In general, health care entities must ensure that only approved personnel handle protected health information and then only for purposes specified in the law and regulation.

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