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    Law firms generate annually a high volume of files. As the file growth continues, law firms are faced with mounting legal file storage costs and file retrieval problems.

    American Archiving & Shredding’s records storage and management solution will immediately reduce your law firm’s file storage costs and create an efficient, accurate retrieval system. Our storage program typically reduces on-site file storage costs by 70%-85%, self-storage costs by 50%-70% and significantly lowers labor and administrative expenses. Our legal clients store a variety of legal files with us (i.e. judgements, deeds, police reports, personnel records, message pads, sign-in sheets, settlement statements, discovery documents, etc.).

    If your law firm currently has a filing system in place, we can adapt our software to mirror your system. However, if you are in need of a filing system we can create one for you using industry best practices.

    Our File Indexing System: Many law firms have us index into our software system each box of active or closed files by matter name and/or file number. Indexing gives a law firm the ability to call us at any given time to request a file without having to search an inventory report. In seconds, our software system will locate the box and location of any file in storage at our facility. Upon retrieval, each client file is given a unique barcode number which allows us to track the retrieval history of each file. Clients will immediately know at all times where every file is located.

    Our Interfiling Method assists law firms with the process of filing additional documents into existing files in storage. The service alleviates law firms with the backlog of loose documents needed to be filed into existing client records.

    Our Delivery Options are flexible. Receive files or documents via courier, fax, or mail. Files can be delivered same day or next day. Clients enjoy the ease of having us fax a document to them when they do not need delivery of an entire file (i.e. police reports, deeds, etc.).

    We will Shred, upon written authorization, legal files which nolonger need to be retained. Certificates of Destruction will be issued.

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