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    In todays world businesses are faced with the problem of too much paper and the need to access their files quickly and accurately.

    American Archiving & Shredding will create an electronic records storage and retrieval strategy to resolve your file management problems. Many of our clients have benefited from a customized records storage solution which involved an efficient mix of onsite, off-site and electronics records storage.


    Convenience: Quick and easy access to stored documents. Documents can be stored electronically off-site and the image of the file can be accessed, with an assigned password, via a secure web connection or emailed to the designated authorized end-user in all electronic formats including PDF and TIF.
    • Accessing the same documents in multiple office locations.
    • Accessing documents instantaneously.
    • Ability to search quickly for information within the contents of a file.
    Scan-On-Demand is an economically efficient strategy. We can store your hard copy documents and files are scanned for retrieval on an as needed basis. Simply pay as you go, and begin using our hosted imaging services without scanning large volumes of information right away.
    Storage Mix (Electronic & Hard Copy): Scan documents needed frequently. Store off-site the hard copy documents retrieved infrequently but need to be retained by law for a certain period of time or for other business reasons.

    Do your employees need frequent access to large volumes of documents that can’t be maintanined in your offices?

    Are paperless documents critical to the success of your business?

    Would you like to establish an effective disaster recovery plan?

    if so, electronic digital conversion may be the best solution for your business

    Bulk Scan Documents Safely and Securely