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    Business hard copy files continue to grow each year creating storage, retrieval and management challenges and costs.

    American Archiving & Shredding will create an efficient, accurate and cost effective file storage, retrieval and management solution for your business. Our storage program typically reduces on-site file storage costs by 70%-85%, self-storage costs by 50%-70% and significantly lowers labor and administrative expenses.

    American Archiving & Shredding customizes records storage and retrieval services for a variety of customers ranging from start-ups to fortune 1000 corporations and span a broad range of industries including financial services, legal, healthcare, insurance, banking, engineering and real estate.

    We provide fast, dependable, and consistent services which can be customized to your needs. We offer same-day, next day and after-hour delivery services. Hard copy files can be delivered by courier, fax, email, and airmail.
    We offer complete indexing services. Indexing is an important step to ensure that your business files are organized in a manner that makes them easily accessible. Indexing by file box or by a specific file within a box can be performed at our Records Center. This will support total tracking of your company files no matter where they reside.
    We provide you with immediate access to any business file, document or container. American Archiving & Shredding's staff will refile items for you in the appropriate location. All filing and refiling is tracked by our sophisticated barcode software system.
    We provide you with a complete list of each barcoded box in storage.
    We shred all business hard copy files and documents upon written authorization. A certificate of destruction will be provided upon request.
    We can provide you with all the necessary archiving boxes for your business hard copy files.
    • We Store It
    • We Box It
    • We Barcode It
    • We Index It
    • We Record It
    • We File It
    • We Retrieve It
    • We Deliver It
    • We Shred It

    State-of-the-Art Technology

    We help manage your file records. Secured and safe.