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Law firms generate annually a high volume of files. As the file growth continues, law firms are faced with mounting legal file storage costs and file retrieval problems.

American Archiving & Shredding's records storage and management solution will immediately reduce your law firm's file storage costs and create an efficient, accurate retrieval system. Our storage program typically reduces on-site file storage costs by 70%-85%, self-storage costs by 50%-70% and significantly lowers labor and administrative expenses. Our legal clients store a variety of legal files with us (i.e. judgements, deeds, police reports, personnel records, message pads, sign-in sheets, settlement statements, discovery documents, etc.).

If your law firm currently has a filing system in place, we can adapt our software to mirror your system. However, if you are in need of a filing system we can create one for you using industry best practices.

Our File Indexing System: Many law firms have us index into our software system each box of active or closed files by matter name and/or file number. Indexing gives a law firm the ability to call us at any given time to request a file without having to search an inventory report. In seconds, our software system will locate the box and location of any file in storage at our facility. Upon retrieval, each client file is given a unique barcode number which allows us to track the retrieval history of each file. Clients will immediately know at all times where every file is located.

Our Interfiling Method assists law firms with the process of filing additional documents into existing files in storage. The service alleviates law firms with the backlog of loose documents needed to be filed into existing client records.

Our Delivery Options are flexible. Receive files or documents via courier, fax, or mail. Files can be delivered same day or next day. Clients enjoy the ease of having us fax a document to them when they do not need delivery of an entire file (i.e. police reports, deeds, etc.).

We will Shred, upon written authorization, legal files which nolonger need to be retained. Certificates of Destruction will be issued.

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"American Archiving & Shredding has provided Recovery Physical Therapy, P.C with exceptional service for our 11 offices for the last 7 years.American Archiving & Shredding has provided HIPAA compliant archiving for our patient charts as well as HIPAA compliant disposal and quick retrieval if charts were ever needed from the archives. American Archiving & Shredding pick up and deliveries are done within 24 hours of the request and Aida is always helpful with any questions that may arise. Recovery PhysicalTherapy is 100% satisfied with the services that are provided to us by American Archiving & Shredding."

Regina Flores
 Recovery Physical Therapy

"I recently opened an account with American Archiving & Shredding and have been pleased with the responsiveness and professionalism of the operation. I now have over 3000 medical records in storage and have been impressed with the efficiency of retrieval of information when I need it. American Archiving & Shredding has also provided me with their exceptional shredding service for my sensitive and confidential medical records. I have recommended American Archiving to many of my colleagues for storage and shredding of their medical records."

Robert J. Bos,M.D

"American Archiving and Shredding LLC has superbly handled our archiving and storage needs for the better part of the past three years. We are very happy with their prompt service and outstanding commitment and look forward to continued business together."

William Revie
  Golub Capital

"I have been using American Archiving and Shredding, LLC for over 10 years. It’s extremely gratifying to work with people who know their business—from start to finish! Their staff is knowlegeable and their service is outstanding. That’s why I remain a loyal customer. I highly recommend them for all your archiving and shredding needs."

Fouad Matragi
 NY Professional Medical Care PC

"Our firm has been a customer of American Archiving and Shredding the past five years for our legal file storage and shredding needs. We have not encountered any problems with the service, the turn around time, the indexing of the files and the pick ups, all have been to our satisfaction. Also the customer service personnel is delightful."

Betty Wells
 Agins, Siegel Reiner & Bouklas, LLP

"American Archiving and Shredding has always been nothing short of superb. Not only is their customer service is AMAZING, but Clinton and his staff are such a pleasure to do business with. I have recommended American to a number of individuals. Requests for pickup and delivery service are handled in a timely manner and even with the emergency requests they are there for their customers 100%. And their shredding service is also superb. I have dealt with many document storage facilities, but American by far are Number 1!!!!! Thank you for always being the best. "

Rena Goldstein
  Schrader & Schoenberg LLP

"The service is reliable and most helpful in any file storage and retrieval situation. We are very satisfied. We enjoy having a company that handles both our file storage and shredding needs."

 Gellis & Mellinger

"As a small law firm, I cannot tell you how happy I am with the efficiency and value that American Archiving provides its customers. I utilize their legal file storage and shredding services. They are my back office. Thank you American Archiving, keep up the good work!"

Laurence P. Greenberg, Esq
  The Law Firm of Laurence P. Greenberg, Esq

"I need to take a moment to thank you for the good service that American Archiving & Shredding (AAS) has given our busy attorney office over the years. Small business relies on dependable vendors who can lend a helping hand in a timely manner. AAS always has a prompt response to our requests and gives quality work. Once upon a time, I felt as if we were held “hostage” by another storage facility that we used at the time. Having another experience to compare with puts your work into perspective. You had made the transfer of hundreds of storage boxes from our former facility to yours with ease and problem free. What we appreciate most is the personal touch you and your employees add. Very often our hectic world forgets how to work with people. Your office staff is efficient and polite on the phone. Your drivers often stop at our door (always with a waive and a smile) when they are in the building servicing another office, to see if we have need of them. Legal work often brings late Friday afternoon emergencies, and AAS has been able to help us on the spot. We look forward to working with you and American Archiving & Shredding for many years to come. Good job."

Nancy O’Neill
  Guston & Guston LLP

"Our law firm has been using the services of American Archiving & Shredding LLC for over five years and it has been a very satisfactory experience. The staff is very courteous and pleasant to talk to, and, more importantly, very efficient in the work they do. They try very hard to accommodate our needs, even if it means slightly bending their rules! Sometimes we may have an emergency that requires immediate attention and they always respond promptly. I know I can rely on them. I highly recommend American Archiving & Shredding."

Ron Mena
 Wilens & Baker P.C.

"Thank you for providing such fast and efficient service in moving our hundreds of boxes of closed files from our on-site and off-site storage facility into your archiving system, at half the cost of the off-site location alone! American Archiving’s indexing system has made it so easy to find the exact file we need from storage, you have saved me from digging through many dusty old boxes of files. We love and appreciate your excellent service."

Rosemarie Muscolo
 Cohn & Spector

"It was great working with you. My company needed to store some older files and records and I quickly found your company online. Within a few days, in a totally fast and efficient manner you were able to pick up the stores records, relocate them and provide peace of mind. Thanks again. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of offsite records storage."

Darren Lisiten
 Seventh Sense Inc.

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